The Scoop on Us

J. Foster Ice Cream is a family run business, with an emphasis on family. We make all-natural artisan ice cream with local dairy cows that are rBGH hormone–free. At J. Foster we have always supported local sustainable farming; that’s what helps make our community strong and vital.

Using the best local dairy is only part of what makes J. Foster Ice Cream the best. We use pure vanillas from Madagascar and Tahiti, imported cocoas (we make all of our own chocolate bases), fresh roasted nuts (roasted in house), and premium in-season fruits to create ice creams, gelatos, sorbets and yogurts unequaled in quality and taste.

All of our products are made in small batches and we minimize the amount of air whipped into our ice cream. The result is an ice cream that is denser, richer in flavor, creamier, and tastier than our competitors.

Age matters. We make our products on-demand, in our shop in Avon. We only produce enough supply to last a few days, that’s why the ice cream you get will always be fresh and scrumptious.


Our Loyalty Program

What could be better than being rewarded for eating the most delicious ice cream you’ll ever taste? Nothing! So join J. Foster’s loyalty program - it’s easy! Next time you come into one of our shops, ask your server for a J. Foster Loyalty Card and register it at the top of this page.

As soon as you register your card, it will be loaded with 50 bonus points. Going forward, every dollar you spend earns you one point. Once you reach 50 points, we will add $3.75 to your card. You can use the points immediately or keep earning points until you’re ready to use them towards any J. Foster Ice Cream purchase!

This card is also a gift card! So if you'd like to load your ice cream allowance to the card or share the flavors of J. Foster's with your friends and family, visit either one of our locations and we will be happy to assist you!

Ice Cream Sundae